About Gourmet Moods

A lot of the resistance to eating plant-based diets stems from the belief that the food tastes bland and boring and the belief that there isn’t much you can do to make it interesting. The truth, is knowing a few simple tricks can mean the difference between bland, cardboard-like food and delicious, flavourful food that satisfies even the most demanding of taste-buds.

Plant-based diets are all about incorporating more plant products and plant proteins into your daily diet without completely eliminating animal products. Plant-based should not be confused with vegan diets because they are not the same. The vegan diet is much more strict and excludes all animal products e.g. eggs, milk, cheese, butter. However, the health benefits of both eating styles are similar and well-established.

From what I have learnt over the years, there are a few simple but important tips to follow to create the most incredibly delicious plant-based meals to satisfy and impress.

And this is exactly what Gourmet Moods is about. . .

We are a Johannesburg based company and our aim is to create a new eating experience for all our clients everytime.

We aim to deliver products and services in such a way that the experience will always be remembered by our clients as a singular and memorable experience, delivering food that is exceptional in both taste and appearance.

We are highly qualified, motivated and driven in setting the trends in food design and eating, as we believe eating is way more than a mouthful – it’s the emotions evoked and how the food engages the senses.