About Gourmet Moods

Gourmet Moods is Kim Napo’s labour of love. Kim’s career in food began rather late having worked in the PR and communication industry for over 15 years, before she decided to swap her laptop for knives and pots. She believes that the culinary field is always changing and there’s always something new to learn every day and an opportunity to create new flavour profiles, dishes and menus.

And this is exactly what Gourmet Moods is about. . .

We create a new eating experience for all our clients and have a passion for excellence which makes us always go beyond expectations.

We aim to deliver products and services in such a way that the experience will always be remembered by our clients as a singular and memorable experience, delivering food that is exceptional in both taste and appearance.

We are highly qualified, motivated and driven in setting the trends in food design and eating, as we believe eating is way more than a mouthful – it’s the emotions evoked and how the food engages the senses.